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Message payload

The client uses Message class to represent messages which may be transmitted. A Message can carry various types of payload and accompanying metadata.

A new message can be created as follows:

var message = new Message("foo");

The Message constructor accepts a single parameter of type object. It's the message body. Although body argument is very generic, only certain types are considered as a valid payload:

  • string
  • char
  • byte
  • sbyte
  • short
  • ushort
  • int
  • uint
  • long
  • ulong
  • float
  • System.Guid
  • System.DateTime
  • byte[]
  • Amqp.Types.List

An attempt to pass an argument out of this list will result in ArgumentOutOfRangeException. Passing null is not acceptable either and will cause ArgumentNullException.

In order to get the message payload call GetBody and specify the expected type of the body section:

var body = message.GetBody<T>();

If T matches the type of the payload, the value will be returned, otherwise, you will get default(T).